KotRT Custom UI (User Manual)

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KotRT Custom UI (User Manual)

Post by Arthur PenDragon on Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:35 am

This is an overview of some the features in the UI and instructions how to use them.

1.) To move windows with no Upper left Move Icon.
        HOLD the (LEFT SHIFT KEY) then Click and Drag the Window to the location you wish to use.
       (This feature was added to stop accidental movement of window positions)

2.) KotRT Additional Command Bar (Accessable from the KotRT Menu Bar)

(EYE ICON) - Access the Social Window
(KEEP ICON) - Access the RvR Information
(CHALLICE ICON) - Access Artifact Information
(SAW & HAMMER ICON) - Access Crafting Information
(WORLD ICON) - Access Map Window
(DAoC ICON)  - Access RvR Realm War Map
(ATLAS) - Access to the ATLAS (LARGE MAPS of ALL REALMS, RVR Zones & DUNGEONS with added Mob & Quest info)

ATALS Overview with one of the maps open

3.) KotRT Menu Bar

The Up-Arrow (On Left) - Access to the additional KotRT Command Bar.
The # (On Left) Access the New Seperate Character Attributes Window
The Question (?) - Access to the Game Settings

4.) Summary Window

Click on the area containing Hits,End,Pow to open the Transparent Target Window.
Click on the Exp Bar to Cycle between Exp, CL Exp & RvR Exp
Click on Face to FACE Your Target.

Transparent Target Window
HOLD the (LEFT SHIFT KEY) then Click and Drag the Window to the location you wish to use.

5.) MINI Group Window

(B) - Access BUFF WINDOW
(H) - Access Healer Helper
(QUIVER) - Accees the Quiver (Characters that Use Bow/Cross Bows but with NONE Spell Arrows)
(J) - Access Quest Journal
(M) - Access Master Level Quest Journal
(STICK) - Stick to Selected Target
(SPRINT) - Run/Sprint Command
(X) - Exit/Leave Group
(Player Name Lines) - Select the Player in the Group
The Area with Numbers is the Quiver Arrow Count (None Magical Arrows)

6.) Trade Skills Window

(TABS) Select skill Type
Each Tab shows the relevant information regarding that Trade Skill, Best ways to make Gains, Estimated Cost.
There is also a section for Salavage which shows the relevant materials gained from Slavaging.
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