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KotRT Guild Rules ...

Post by Arthur PenDragon on Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:04 am

Guild Rules : ~
1.) Swearing on the Guild/Alliance Chat, Arguing with other Guild/Alliance Members will not be tolerated in anyway, and may result in Disciplinary Action and/or Dismissal from the Guild.

(Also See the Guild Complaints Procedure)

2.) Begging from other Players within the Realm will not be tolerated in any way, this gives the Guild a bad image & name, which none of us wants and may result in Disciplinary Action and/or Dismissal from the Guild.

3.) If you need items, money or other forms of help Always Ask on the Guild Chat, if another Member can help you they will but do not always expect an immediately response, have a little patience and respect for your fellow Guild Members they too want to level, XP, RvR & Make Money.

Note... :~ Dismissal Anyone Dismissed from the guild can re-negotiate a return. However if they were an officer they will NOT be granted their officer rank back if re-entry to the guild is permitted. Prior to any re-admittance to the guild will require a full guild member vote.

Note : ~ Under No Circumstances should any member ask any other players for Money or PL (Power-LvL), or Items.
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