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Forum Rules ...

Post by Arthur PenDragon on Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:00 am

When Joining the Forum. In the Localisation/Location field of your Profile please state the Guild-Version you are in.
e.g. KotRT - EU or KotRT - USA and if you are an officer your Rank eg Mentor, Guild High Council or Co-GM

1: No offensive language

2: No bad name-calling

3: Do not insult other people

4: Remember to stay on subject in forum-thread. Remember idle chit chat has to be in Tavern

In other words, behave in the forum, as you behave in game.

Moderators have the right to move, delete any subject if required. If in a strong breach of rules, a warning will be given, or in extreme cases deletion of your account on the forum.
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