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Re: Version 1.99

Post by Guendolyn on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:36 pm

This coming Wednesday version 1.99 is supposed to go live. This version will permit players to copy their characters to the new combined server. Classic, Killibury and Devon will become one massive server. Gaheris (pve) and the pvp server will be the exception, and those 2 will combine and make one separate server.

Mythic has given all expansions free now, up through Labyrinth. They have some developers back that worked on expansions in the past. One worked on the Labyrinth design, and one worked on housing terrain.

So something exciting is in the works! Perhaps a new free expansion, or maybe a new storyline like the dragon attacks...and perhaps more housing due to the crush of people that will be on ONE server instead of many.

As for housing, all houses will be refunded and on the first day the new server is open I imagine there will be a HUGE land rush. Items, cons merchants floor boxes and decor will be picked up in center markets. Check the herald for proper commands for packing up houses and copying char.


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Re: Version 1.99

Post by Arthur PenDragon on Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:09 am

The KotRT Custom Skin has now been fully updated to work correctly in version 1.99+ of DAoC. You can download it from the main website or check in the Custom Skin area of the Forum where a link has also been posted.

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